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TWX scripts

I've decided to revamp the scripts page a bit.  I've also put in links to the two tutorials that I made for TWX.  Most of these scripts are fairly well documented.  -T 12/14/04

TWX Scripting Help - Part 1, and Part 2. These are two essays I wrote a while back that go over some of the fine features of TWX, like arrays, while loops, and menus.  I had planned on doing a full workup on how includes work, and I may get to it eventually, but for now, check out the Simple Include demo script included below.  I will add more scripts as time allows.  


Simple Include demo: test.ts and inc_test.ts - A simple script with a simple include.  I made this and documented it to help people figure out how includes work in TWX..

Menu Template demo: menu_template.ts - This script is a template for setting up twx menus.  It's semi-well documented, and I use it as a template for all of my scripts that use menus.  By itself, it does nothing, but it's handy to have as a start for making menus and to learn how menus in TWX work.

Stupid TWX ANSI tricks: ansi_codes.ts - This script shows you some of the things you can do with ANSI and echos.  Make your scripts more colorful!  Change the way everything is displayed on your screen. See twxansitricks.html for more information.

Simple Surround Sector Script: _0_surround.ts - Surrounds your current sector with figs.  Won't try to fig Fed or dock, and won't go through one-ways.  This script uses the internal database, so you should have a full ZTM before you run it.

Grid Checker: _0_grid_check.ts - Only works with TWX 2.03 or above.  Does a quick check of your grid, and reports results via echo and subspace.  Shows total sectors figged, % of sectors figged, Total figs in space, type of figs, and total dead ends figged.  By dead end, I mean any sector that has only one way IN.  This counts sectors with 2 ways out but only one way in too.

Near Fig: _0_nearfig.ts - Really simple nearest fig finder.  Press "-" to activate, and enter in the sector number or "r" to refresh fig list. It's a system script, so it will keep running even if you hit $sx.  Relies on the internal database, so you need a full ZTM before you run it.  Also, it doesn't update the fig list, so if you lose figs, you will need to have it refresh.

Keepalive: _0_keepalive.ts - Really simple keepalive script. It's a system script, so it will keep running even if you hit $sx.

One Second Phonton Invasion Script: one_second_photon.ts - Sysop set the game's photon duration to one second?  Can't seem to get in without getting blasted?  Use this.  Works 75% to 85% of the time.  (Really only fails when you hit a bad patch of internet lag on your end.  If you run it locally on a TWGS server, it works all the time.)  READ THE DOCUMENTATION in the script before using.  If you die, don't come crying to me about it!  If you use a dialup (56k), then your odds of success drop to about about 50%.  Works great with 2+ second photons!

StarDock Finding Scripts:  find_dock.ts and _voider.ts - Run find_dock.ts first, then run _voider.ts.  See the documentation in the script on how to use them.  This is based on a post I made in the EISOnline forums.  See tip #33 and #33a on the Tips page for more info.

I'll stick in more as I get them documented.

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