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“Our strategy: walk softly and don't tell them what kind of stick you have behind you... imply that its a good thing that you are 6 foot tall and that being any shorter would possibly reveal the stick.  Oh yeah, and don't make me prove how big the stick is or is not!” -Pretender

A collection of strategy essays by various authors.

Our General Strategy - By Traitor

The Corporation - By Roberts

Blockades: How to set them up, and how to get around them - By Traitor

The Economy of Tradewars:  How to REALLY make money in TW - By Traitor  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 (Work in progress!)

Advanced Haggling Lessons - By Cherokee.  This is one of the best guides to port haggling out there.  Period.  Check it out!!

TWX Scripting Help - By Traitor Part 1, and Part 2. (Work in progress!)

Trader Fleeing - By Psion

TWGS Settings explained - By Traitor (Work in progress!)

If I were an Evil Overlord - Anonymous (if I knew who wrote this, I would give them credit.  Many people have added to it tho.  It doesn't directly pertain to TW, but it puts you in the proper mindset :)

Planet Handbook - By Paladyne (Click here for the Word Doc, which has better formatting.  I suck at formats :)

Invading Bases - By Kemper

Pod Locations - By Dr. Bad 

Base Building - By The Reverend 

Making Planets - By Gypsy 




Our General Strategy - By Traitor

We run a mixed-corp, usually with 3 blues and 2 reds.  (or 3 and 3 if the server is configured for 6 person corps)  We find that this is about the right mix.  Sometimes we find that we need to have 3 reds, depending on how our start was, and what the competition is like.  We try to play on 1k turn, 5k sector, and MBBS modes games.  Our tactics are geared for that.

Each member of the corp is assigned a specific job.  One of our blues will become the mapper/hunter.  His job is to get a full map assembled as quickly as possible, before the fig clouds go up.  Once he has a full map, then he’s responsible for finding everyone else.  Our next blue is our furber.  He’s responsible for keeping the Reds in COLTS and Furbs.  He watches over them and tries to bail them out of trouble.  Our final blue’s job is to colonize and maintain our sectors.  Our Reds just do one thing, and one thing only; they make money.   It takes a lot of discipline to pull off a successful mixed-corp.  Each player has to stick to their job, but be flexible enough to adapt and change roles if the situation warrants it. 

We play as a team, and we win as a team.  Our mapper and our reds tend to get the most glory, like player kills, and invasions.  But without our furber and our colorunner supporting the others, then our tactics wouldn’t work.  It can be very frustrating for them, but only for the first few weeks of play.  Once we get mobile planets, then the furber and the colorunner are released from their duties, and can join the mapper in the hunt.    Mobile planets allow our reds to become totally self-reliant. 

Mobile planets are the real goal.  Mobility=money.  We mega-rob exclusively once we get them.  Typically, each of our reds can pull off 3-4 a day, which nets us about 20 to 26 million.  Of course, that assumes that we’ve upgraded ports…  We’ve found that there are ways to make almost as much, but without fully upgrading ports that works in non-mbbs mode too.  I’ll go into that later.  The advantage of that system is that if someone kills your ports, you’re not out of a ton of cash.  It also makes your exp sky-rocket, which is nice, because the more exp you have with this system, the better.  You need a really good map to pull it off tho. 

Which brings me back to the map.  And for that matter back to the beginning. 

The beginning.  I can’t stress how important it is.  Our style depends on us having a decent beginning.  (or not a bad beginning anyway…J)  Our goal on day one is to get one of our reds up to at least 5k exp, (2 reds if things go well), getting at least one sector rolling, getting our mapper in an ISS, and, getting a probe fired down every dead end, which gets about 75% of the map completed, and more importantly, it gets all the sectors you care about mapped!  We’re also deploying our fig cloud at this time.  Every sector we go to gets a fig.  Later on, they get mines and limpets too, for those of us who can carry them.  The fig cloud is VERY important. 

On the second day, we want to have all of our reds at 5k exp, 2 or more fully outfitted COLTS, our blues all in ISS’s, another sector rolling, and our mapper should have 85-100% of the map done (depending on how bad the fig clouds are by day 2)

The third day, we try to get everything done that wasn’t finished the day before.  Our reds should be able to make enough cash for us to take a crack at Ferrengal, assuming the sysop hasn’t modified it. 

The fourth day is all about finding the other enemy planets (i.e. anything not ours) and blowing them up before they get to lv 2. 

The rest of the week we continue to stockpile figs and cash, and we try to get an AMTRAK running.  If photons are disabled, then we run it anyway, but we use mines and nav hazz to do as much dirty work as we can.  250 mines and 100% nav hazz will make short work of anyone not at full shields and less than 99 figs.  If nothing else, it gets their attention!  Be sure to surround them with more mines in the event you are able to pod them, because then they got nowhere to go, and you get an easy #SD# on them.

During week two, we continue to put pressure on other people’s planets, while developing our own.  We keep at least 2 sectors rolling at all times, and there is almost always a third one in the wings somewhere.  We’re also evaluating who and what our competition is, and this is the point where we decide if we need a third red or not.  It would take multiple five person corps, all doing as well as we are before we cut our colorunner over to red.  Our mapper and our furber then pick up the slack left by our colorunner.  If our colorunner has been effective, then we have enough collies and supplies to take our planets to level 4 cits, so it’s not as bad a loss as it sounds, because the extra money more than makes up for it.

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