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Core Members: (Those that still play)

Mrann Nexus - Plays Red mostly. Our newest member.  Up and coming scripter.  Crafty when he puts his mind too it.  Always willing to volunteer for the suicide missions.

Quote: "<<<<<<<<<<<*>>>>>>>>>>>"

Traitor - Sometime CEO.  Plays either Red or Blue.  Prefers Red tho.  (used to like blue better, but real life keeps him from spending the time required to play a blue properly...)  Our corporate Diplomat.  Traitor usually handles all external communications with other players.  From cutting deals to keep the heat off us, to paying off informants for sector info.  Traitor is behind most of it.  Traitor started playing back in '93 on the same servers as Roberts.

Quote: "Heh.  Don't tell me you're still bitter about that?"

Affiliated Members/Retired Members:

Aral - Plays Blue.  Aral has never officially been with the Cabal, but he occasionally helps out when he has time.  

Death Dealer - Plays Blue or Red.  Prefers Lone Wolf strategy. 

Guy Smiley - Plays Blue or Red.  Prefers Blue. MIA

Hands Waydownlow - Plays mostly Blue.  Hands was someone we recruited from the opposition.  He is our current Builder of Worlds, Builder of Empires.  Give him an ISS and a transporter, and he's good to go.  Hands has been playing since 2400 baud was considered 'fast'.

Quote: "Give me a million credits, and I'll build you an Empire that spans a thousand sectors."

Kermit - Sometime CEO.  Plays either Red or Blue.  Usually plays Blue.  Our primary furber and all around Mother Hen.  Kermit watches our backs, keeps us from over-extending, and never misses a chance to photon the enemy.  Kermit's been playing since the beginning of time.  Kermit passed away on 7/20/2003.  A great loss to us all.  Happy Hunting wherever you are Kermie!  You are loved and missed.

Quote: "I got what I wanted.  Your turns.  My work is done."

Kitiara - Plays either Blue or Red.  She's was with us for 3 games.  She is quick to dish out the verbal abuse, if given an opportunity...fortunately, it's directed at her corpies :-).  

Quote: "( * Y * )"

Morpheus - Plays Red and Blue.  Our early game money maker, and our late game invader.  Morph is aggressive and fearless.  Voted most likely to get his name in the logs :-) 

Quote: "Yeah I want him!  That's the guy that made me fuse!"

Mystavia - Plays Blue.  She's new to TW, but not new to gaming.  Very fast learner.  Scary fast learner.  I'm glad she's on our side!  She is relentless in her pursuit of arcane TW knowledge.  Will probably be playing red real soon now :)

Quote: "I know I ask a lot of questions, but..."

Pretender - Sometime CEO.  Plays Blue.  Our other Mother Hen.  Will occasionally bring in furbs. :-)  Pre is the kind of guy whose neighbors would say "He was always quiet and kept to himself."  He's got to have some bloodhound genes in his system, because he's our best  hunter.  Briefly ran, a TWGS server among other things... 

Quote: "That giant sucking sound you hear is me stealing their collies..."

Roberts - Sometime CEO. Plays either Red or Blue. Prefers Red tho.  Despite playing Red all the time, he's our moral compass, and keeps us from being TOO mean.  Although he's the one who gets the most bent out of shape when people kill our tolled figs.  Roberts used to co-sysop a Wildcat BBS back in the Dark Ages, and has both run and played the game since.

Quote: "I made 34 million today.  How 'bout you?"

Wforester - Plays Blue.  Builder. Presumed MIA

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