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How to create and determine usefulness and when and how to destroy the planets has already been amply described here so I will focus on "micro managing" your planet types while keeping your sector "clean" (free of nav haz)

      Each planet has a base number of probability that it will be created, the base number for stock planets is set by how "useful" the planet is (this means that its hard coded so that L's, O's and H's have a lower number) and their sum is equal to 100% but these numbers have a couple of modifiers which lower and raise the base % ... one of these modifiers is number of planets in the sector. The more planets you have in the sector the greater your chances of getting an undesirable planet (at least that was the intention) what ended up happing is the U class planet once the modifier is added is at a huge possibility difference as compared to other planets. The more planets you have in a sector the higher the chance you will get a U class planet up to about 98%, which is the highest percentage I have found.

      The other side effect to this is Gold planet types have a low base probability, but their modifier is similar to the U class in that the more planets in the sector the higher the chance there is that a gold planet will be created. For players this means that in a game with desirable GOLD planet types, the best method to increase your chances of getting a gold planet is to load the sector and work backwards, meaning instead of launching a single gtorp and then zdy'ing the planet and launching another gtorp clearing the nav haz and thus always having a "clean" sector, its better to launch the sector limit and work from the most undesirable planet back 1 at a time...

    For instance if a game has a max 5 planets per sector you would launch 5 gtorps in the sector, lets say you got something like this:

(M) Gtorp 1

(M) Gtorp 2

(U) Gtorp 3

(H) Gtorp 4

(C) Gtorp 5  < ---- the class C in this example is the GOLD planet type

      In this example you would land on planet 3 (Gentorp 3), because it's the worst planet left in the sector, and ZDY it. Then you would launch another gtorp, this clears the nav haz and leaves you with a "clean" sector, let's say you get this:

(M) Gtorp 1

(M) Gtorp 2

(L) Gtorp 6

(H) Gtorp 4

(C) Gtorp 5  

Then you would land on planets 1 or 2 (Gtorp1 / Gtorp2), because it's the worst planet left in the sector, and ZDY it. Continue this until you have all Gold type planets, the planets you desire or run out of money.

       It is pretty easy to determine the base and modifiers for each planet type, although it is time consuming. All you need to do is launch and destroy planets 1 at a time around 300 times to get the base number the modifier number only takes a few hundred till it tops out but you could launch 500 to try and get a close number for all types (you would need to do this in a stock game and a game with 2 gold planets)

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